SWEET Base 5 №, 8 ml

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Price: 450 rub.
Type: Camouflage base
Color: Soft lilac
Effect: Reflective with foil flakes
Density: Medium
Viscosity: Medium
Volume: 8 ml
Article: B621
️Sweet Base -
this is a really sweet collection of pastel reflective bases, with lots of shimmery glitters, foil flakes and that sparkling reflective effect, but in a gentle, unique and very catchy format!
7 shades like cotton candy:
#patrisanailSweetBase1 - lilac shade with reflective particles and lime foil flakes
#patrisanailSweetBase2 - mint shade with reflective particles and light green foil flakes
#patrisanailSweetBase3 - pink shade with reflective particles and delicate lilac gold foil flakes
#patrisanailSweetBase4 - lavender with reflective particles and sweet lilac foil flakes
#patrisanailSweetBase5 - a soft lilac shade with fuchsia reflective particles and shimmering gold foil flakes
#patrisanailSweetBase6 - an airy blue-grey with reflective particles and a delicate pink sweat base
#patrisanailSweetBase7 - Stylish light gray with silver reflective particles and spruce foil flakes
That same incredible radiance is revealed when bright light hits: sunlight, flashlight, diode lamps!
The effect is achieved by refracting the beam from the particles contained in the base.
Sweet base combines the properties of both a base coat and a color tint, which can significantly save time and material in the process.
The main advantages of Sweet Base from Patrisa Nail:
 • 2in1 - can be used simultaneously as a base and color coating;
 • magical effect of light reflection;
 • have ideal pigmentation for the base;
 • sweet shades of bases will appeal to lovers of gentle and unusual effects
 • even application and self-leveling in seconds;
 • high degree of adhesion and phenomenal adhesion to the nail plate;
 • easy-to-use medium viscosity.
Application recommendations:
- Under camouflage bases we recommend using a thin substrate of a regular base!
-Polymerization time - 30 sec in hybrid and LED lamps.
Sweet bases are 9FREE, which means that allergic reactions are excluded as much as possible!