Adaptive Cold Base, 16 ml

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Price: 715 rub.
Type: Basic coverage
Color: Transparent
Viscosity: Medium-thick
Volume: 16 ml
Article: BP120

Adaptive Cold Base is a base for weakened nails that don't hold material well! A base that adapts to different problems!

The distinctive feature is that it is a cold base, and it does not bake during polymerization and removal!

The base is medium hard. 

Can serve both independently and as a substrate for other material, as it will give a good adhesion between the natural nail plate and stiffer products. 

The base is medium-plastic in a thin layer, medium-hard in a smoothing layer.

The main characteristics of Adaptive Cold Base by Patrisa Nail:

- Medium-thick consistency and viscosity;

- Medium stiffness;

- Easy self-leveling;

- Does not cause burning during polymerization

- Does not have a strong dispersion layer, leaving minimal tackiness after curing, which allows comfortable and even application of further color coating;

- The base contains UV filters, creating additional protection against pigmentation of the natural nail plate;

- Adaptive base is suitable for brittle, soft and flexible nails in need of strengthening.